Museum started to work as a branch of Jēkabpils study of local history and art museum in 1951. In 1967. the museum were located in the church of Koknese and in 1973. got the rights to work as a separate "Stučka History and art museum". In 1990. the name of the city was changed from Stučka to Aizkraukle, so also changed also the title of museum.  In the end of 1980.ties Kokneses Lutheran congregation wanted to use the church for sacral purposes again therefore museum was looking for a new building and found home in Aizkraukle.   In 1989. the first exhibition was open in historical  house of Dannenfelds family "Kalna ziedi" (Hill Flowers) Collection of the museum has grown from 203 items in 1951. till 86809 exhibits in 2018.
In 2017. was open the permanent exhibition in Aizkraukles parish Cultural gathering house "The soviet years"
In museum exhibition house there are changing displays of history, local artists and masters and traveling art exhibitions. Museum organize festivals dedicated to annual festivities as well as for National celebration days. In museum it is possible to celebrate your own life events as birthday, wedding day or baptism. In summer there are perfect place for rest in nice peaceful garden in middle of original traditional Latvian houses.